Our Story

CTK has traversed an interesting road over the years. Today, we are stronger than ever with many resources at our disposal.

Aleck Vasiliou established Cabletek Systems Inc. in 1996 and incorporated in 1999. Originally a local structured cabling company with a few technicians, Aleck always focused on building relationships and ensuring his customers needs came first.

In 2014, Aleck was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Keeping up with the day to day became increasingly difficult for him and as a result, Aleck became unsure as to where the company’s future was heading.

Aleck’s son, Chris, began working in the structured cabling industry in 2018 as a technician. Chris had graduated from his Civil Engineering program earlier that year. Having watched his father’s health diminish, Chris took it upon himself to learn what he could while in the field as he felt it was his responsibility to help his father in any way possible.

However, Chris’ focus didn’t stop there. Having an appetite to take the small business of Cabletek and expand upon it, the company entered a rebuild phase in late 2021 with a major focus on putting into place systems, structures and personnel that would assist in long term growth and expansion of the company.

In early 2022, Cabletek launched its electrical division. With a lot of hard work, focus and determination, the company experienced exponential growth having quadrupled in size in less than 1 year.

As Cabletek had now become far more than just the local structured cabling contractor Aleck had started all those years ago, it was time to make one more change. In 2023, Cabletek Systems Inc. changed its name to CTK to be more inclusive of all the services it provides.

CTK continues to look for new avenues to expand its business while exceeding its client’s needs. Aleck is now able to focus more on his health while continuing to contribute to the company. CTK, with its desire to grow, has put together the following company slogan.

“No project too large, no job too small, we are more than happy to do it all.”

Aleck Vasiliou and Chris Vasiliou