Certified vs non certified electrician


Are electricians regulated in Ontario?

In Ontario, Certified vs non certified electrician it’s possessing a license. Ontario electricians must be licensed to do electrical work. When you hire an electrician, always verify with Electrical Safety Authority if they are a valid Licensed Electrical Contractor.

ESA ensures Ontario work safety. By law, paid electrical work without a license is not permitted. Some exceptions apply. Then, what can a non qualified electrician do?

They can replace damaged electrical wires, or do minor repairs. And changes, extra switches, lights, and sockets or plugs.

Trained Licensed Electrical Contractors understand the safety requirements of electrical installations. Ontario Electrical Safety Code (Regulation 777/21) shows electrical work standards. And set the requirements for Licensing of Electrical Contractors and Master Electricians (Regulation 570/05).

Certified vs non certified electrician work can refer to a non-certified electrician work, as:

 – breaches of local authority regulations

 – requirements to redo the work

 – removing or altering the electrical works.

Who certifies electricians in Ontario?

The Ministry of Labour issues a Certificate of Apprenticeship when the candidate completes the electrical program upon passing a certifying exam.