Electric Vehicle Chargers


For an electric car you can only use electric vehicle chargers to load the batteries. In North America from 2015 forward the number of electric car charging stations went up. In 2015 there were approximately 14,000 stations and in 2020 about 30,000. Their numbers continue to rise. What is the most popular electric car charger? ChargePoint is the largest provider . Tesla has a high number of EV stations worldwide. The best way to find them is using an electric car charging stations map.

Electric vehicle chargers types

The plugs of the cables at the charging station must fit into the outlet of your EV. Then, how many types of chargers are there for electric cars?

Four types of chargers for electric cars exist. The single phase type or Type 1 or the AC  – alternative current – charging is USA, Canada standard. It allows for the charging of 7.4 kW type of EV in approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes for a small vehicle. The charging of a 22kW type of EV the charging for the same vehicle is done in 1 hour applying the type 2 AC charging.

The slower electric vehicle chargers for home go up to 22 kW. In public, the faster EV can charge up to 43 kW. For the 50 kW type of EV, the small EV charges in 36 minutes. The DC – direct current – types allow charging up to 100 kW called CHAdeMO. They are fast employing bidirectional charges. The DC power stored in the battery may be used to charge something else. Japan pioneers DC chargers to load the car batteries at a speed of up to 350 kW, CCS type.