Electrical contractor


Electrical work is critical in the present economy, more so in construction. The work is performed by electrical contractors. They are companies providing electrical systems work. But the term also refers to the individuals doing this type of work. Often, informally, the term is interchangeable with ‘electrician.’

In order to do electrical work for hire, apply for an electrical contractor licence. The licence is mandatory in Ontario, Canada. At the ESA – Electrical Safety Authority – site you’ll find the requirements to obtain your licence.

Depending on their location, electrical contractors can work on various projects. Inside the buildings. Or outside performing work for the high voltage power or telecommunication lines. Or in building integrated systems for security or climate control networks. In detail, sometimes the work of electrical contractors starts with the design of electrical systems. Usually, electrical contractors proceed with the installation and maintenance of electrical networks. While introducing new elements they may also troubleshoot the processes. Find the fault and then, restore the systems. Electrical contractors may also supervise, plan and manage electrical work. Some join the regional electrical contractor association.

Additionally, electricians often deal with customers’ requests. Based on them, they complete the work to induce customer satisfaction. Therefore, Cable Tek attends to quality customer service for greater benefits to all parties.