LED Lighting upgrade


LED lighting upgrades are often employed since LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has spread. For the past decade, energy specialists have recommended that LED lights save electricity. An energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulb of the same Watt power gives off the same luminosity. However, it lasts 8-10 times less than the LED bulb. Therefore it is worth upgrading to LED lights. You gain by setting up bulbs and lamps with a much longer life.  Here are some LED lighting upgrade questions.

What is an LED upgrade?

The upgrades are retrofits, fixture replacements, and lamp replacements. Upon upgrading, the systems achieve higher performance. You should consider retrofits where light consumption is the highest. Increased energy performance is achieved when the gap between the existing and the upgraded systems is broad. 

Can you replace a regular light fixture with LED?

You can retrofit an existing light fixture with LED technology. There could be two ways: use retrofit kits that fit into the existing equipment or screw-in. LEDs can replace any existing lighting option. Can you make an LED light brighter? LED lights are energy efficient since compared to other lighting solutions give off more luminosity at the same power. For example, an LED bulb is 7 times more efficient than the halogen, or the incandescent lighting. LED lights save electricity as a 9W LED A19 light bulb is equivalent to 60W. So, LED lighting upgrade is an intelligent choice for your lighting solution.