Test your fire alarms


How do you test your fire alarms?

Here are the Ontario building code fire requirements. In rental buildings, the owner ensures that the testing is done in compliance with of fire Protection and Prevention Act sections. Also comply with CAN/ULC-S536 “Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems.” And CAN/ULC-S552, “Standard for the Maintenance and Testing of Smoke Alarms.” For further aspects revealed, refer to the above-mentioned documents. Check if the voice communication systems are integrated with a fire alarm. When the voice communications systems are not integrated with a fire alarm, test them monthly. The same for loudspeakers.

How often should you test your fire alarms?

Test the communication with one or more remote firefighter emergency telephone locations monthly. Rotate the firefighter emergency location every month to cover all locations within a year. How often should a residential fire alarm be tested? According to Fire alarm code Canada, once a month. Fire detectors need constant monitoring.

How to check fire alarms?

Check the power supply weekly. Conduct testing of smoke detectors sensitivity yearly. All signals from the tests of your fire alarms should be received by the monitoring station. The owner needs to record other events and record everything. Test your fire alarms daily for the central alarm and control facility. For signs of damage, or deterioration. When fire controls need to be inspected, the professionals at Cable Tek offer the best support.