Why does your Electrician need to be certified?


Certified electrician required when you hire someone to do specific electrical work. The electrical type of work is complex. Therefore, one can make mistakes easily impacting others including their lives. Therefore, customers are protected. And it includes that electrical work is done safely.

Certified electrician vs licensed electrician

Electricians are licensed in the province of Ontario. They are required to abide by regulations of the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and fully insured. And arrange for notifications and inspections to the ESA. In addition, electricians have the qualifications to perform the electrical work. Upon work completion, they can offer an ESA Certificate of Acceptance. However, to work in specific industries, licensed electricians must get certified.

What can a certified electrician do?

In the broad electrical field there are specific applications that solve customers’ needs. Thus, electricians can get certified in various areas. Such as electrical safety compliance, green energy, cable splicing, solar panels, instrumentation. Certification in the mentioned areas provide

Helpful Benefits for Customers

Opens new opportunities to solve complicated electrical problems

Specialized knowledge & flexible schedule to benefit customers

More in-depth experience to increase efficiency

Faster response to customers’ particular demands  

A certified electrician works specifically to improve the safety of electrical work and to raise the well-being of Ontario people.