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Welcome to CTK – Enhancing your home and simplifying your life. Our unique offerings focus on providing a comfortable, enjoyable, and secure living space for you. 

Home Automation: Manage with the Touch of a Button

Make your home smarter with our home automation system – your house will respond to your commands. With just a tap on your phone, you can adjust the room temperature, listen to music, activate lights, and protect your home. 

  • The latest in security technology: Feel confident with our advanced cameras keeping watch over your home. Receive notifications and monitor situations at any time, from any location. 
  • Intelligent Lighting: Adjust the ambience perfectly, for a celebration or a relaxing night. Conserve energy with lights that automatically adapt to your routine. 
    • Ideal Temperature: Stay cozy in your house at all times. Our intelligent thermostats regulate the temperature according to your preferences.

Sound Systems: Hear Every Detail

Our sound system setups enhance the experience of listening to music or watching movies, providing a delightful treat for your ears. The clear and high-quality sound gives the sensation of being present in the moment. 

Convenient Paging: Communicate with any room in your house quietly without raising your voice. Our paging systems simplify communication with your family. 

Experience movies, sports or gaming on our large video walls for a big-screen experience. It feels as if you have a cinema in your own house. 

Lighting: Illuminate Your Environment

CTK’s lighting choices ensure that every area of your house appears fantastic and receives just the right amount of light. Select from a variety of designs and also conserve energy.

Illuminate every room with our diverse selection of interior lights to enhance their appearance. 

Outdoor lighting fixtures are intended to enhance both the aesthetics and security of your home by illuminating its exterior. 

Decorate your garden with our lovely outdoor lights to make an enchanting ambience.

Energy Management: Powering Your Home Smartly

Adopt efficiency by utilizing CTK’s energy management solutions. Our systems are created to optimize the energy use of your home, ensuring sustainability is a key focus of your living area.

Merge with the future of electricity. Our intelligent grids effectively control how you use energy, minimizing inefficiencies and cutting expenses. 

Invest in sustainable energy options: Renewable Solutions. Our solar panels provide environmentally friendly options to energize your household while preserving the Earth. 

Energy analytics helps you stay updated on your energy usage patterns and offers insights to make better energy decisions.

Residential Security Services:

1. Smart Surveillance Systems

Our advanced surveillance systems keep an eye on your property to protect it. You can:

  • Monitor Live Videos from your Smartphone
  • Get Immediate Alerts

We make sure to protect the safety of your family and your possessions.

2. Access Control Solutions

You can regulate who comes into your house with accuracy. CTK provides sophisticated access control systems, such as smart locks, keyless entry, and biometric authentication. This allows for only trustworthy individuals to enter while preventing intruders from gaining access. It combines convenience and security in one package.

3. Intrusion Detection and Alarms

CTK’s intrusion detection solutions work like an invisible shield around your house. If someone tries to sneak in without permission, sensors for motion, doors/windows, and broken glass will alert you immediately. You can rest easy knowing your home is safe from unexpected visitors.

What are the reasons for selecting CTK?

Our vast experience and dedication to excellence have positioned us as the top choice
for individuals looking for superior home automation and services.

We cover all stages of home automation, from initial idea to final installation, to meet all of your needs. 

Sustainable Practices: Our dedication to environmentally-friendly solutions involves implementing intelligent energy management systems to decrease your carbon footprint and lower energy expenses.

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More Than Just Products – At CTK , we go beyond simply selling and installing products and assist you in designing a home that suits your needs perfectly. Our team works together with you to find the perfect smart home solutions. We are here to assist you throughout the entire process, from start to finish. 

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